What We Do

Product Marketing Professionals

Whether you have an exciting new product or you just want a new way to market an established one, we have the right formula to help spread your product's influence across your desired demography. Our product marketing team is well equipped in modern-day market research practices and have experience with all types of products and companies of all sizes.


We create responsive websites that are usable on mobile phones and PCs. The type of sites we are experienced at include CMS-driven corporate websites, e-commerce websites and custom landing pages. We focus on user experience (UX) and conversion. We also ensure the safety of your website by making sure it is well secured, preventing it from security breaches, hacking, and other forms of cybercrimes. We follow best practices in web development and ensure every website project is well-optimised for search engine visibility. Irrespective of the size of your organization we can work together to create the first impression your brand needs.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing sevices include Google Ads (ppc) - Reach more people online through Google Advertising; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Positioning businesses for visibility online, Social Media Marketing and Management - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram page management & Sponsored Ads, Copywriting & Content Marketing - Creating engaging and customer-driven content, Video Content Production (Explainers and Infomercial), Email Marketing and Automation, Data Analytics and Reporting.

Real Estate

There is a wide range of opportunity in the real estate industry for investment, and it is our duty to at The Emergence to help you save time and navigate this terrain without fear of being defrauded. Getting a property is much easier today with our dedicated team and virtual/on-site support personnel to guide you through your investment journey. We have a variety of properties across major cities in Nigeria. Click the link below to have an exclusive sight seeing of our fast selling properties.


We offer Business Development Services (BDS) for SMEs, enabling them to expand their lines of business through new products & services, additional market segments, strategic partnerships & alliances and an extensive market reach. We address the complex challenges faced by clients and utilize our market knowledge and business expertise to identify, assess and propose successful ventures. As part of our Business Development Services, we offer the following:

Brand Identity: We help companies create the right first impression through our Brand Identity development package which includes - Logo creation, Visual Identity Suite and Brand Manual.

Traditional Marketing: Our team of sales professionals are well trained to penetrate any kind of market via qualitative and quantitative market research to produce landslide results. What fuels our traditional marketing method is our robust and large number of sales personnel, giving your product or service a wide range of reach through our sales personnel globally. We are masters in sales upscaling, product awareness and contemporary marketing methods.

Service Marketing Experts

We know that it can be so tough to get people to buy into what you do or get them to use your service. Our large pool of leads/contacts from all walks of life would come in handy to spread the word about your new or existing service. Let's tell the world about the uniqueness of your service NOW!

Want to upscale sales for your business? Let’s talk about it.

No matter what your business is we can connect you with the perfect client from our wealth of experience to marketing products in the right way to the right audience and help to grow your business.

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